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Legend Advisory provides individual investors with professional investment selection, advanced asset allocation techniques and dynamic portfolio management. Legend Advisory's team of experienced professionals utilize sophisticated technology to monitor and allocate your investments while you live your life.

Our Experience

Established in 1978, Legend Advisory is home to an innovative investment team and qualified financial professionals who understand the importance of a forward-thinking approach to investing. Legend Advisory pioneered one of the first mutual fund asset allocation services and utilizes a tool that harnesses  technology and pairs it with the partnership of advice, catered specifically to a client’s individual needs, tolerance for risk and long-term investment goals.

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Our Technology

Legend Advisory's sophisticated tool AANN (Asset Allocation Neural Network) is a distinctive type of technology called a neural network, also known as a form of artificial intelligence. AANN analyzes global economic data, which the Investment team uses to make quality decisions about clients' investment portfolios.* Our technology is used by the investment team to:

  • monitors domestic and international markets
  • tracks economic trends
  • compiles data on market activity and expectations from global sources
  • reviews asset classes
  • evaluates risk and reward relationships

Global Asset Allocation PORTFOLIOS

Legend Advisory's programs provide built-in diversification, asset allocation techniques, professional investment selection and ongoing investment management through actively managed portfolios. The portfolios are monitored regularly and reallocated as deemed necessary in an attempt to capitalize on potential market opportunities.


Our Investment Selection & Active Monitoring

Legend Advisory's investment team, while diligently adhering to a proactive, forward-looking process, reviews and analyzes AANN's recommendations. The team reallocates portfolios as deemed necessary, providing clients with the opportunity to take advantage of the market's current potential for growth, while at the same time minimizing exposure to asset classes that are expected to underperform. This process helps establish the appropriate mix of investments for specific portfolios, given the portfolios' objectives and tolerance for risk. This dynamic approach provides your investments with the ongoing attention that can mean the difference between achieving or falling short of your long-term goals.


Visit the Market Outlook page to hear our COO & CIO Shashi Mehrotra's feedback on what he feels lies ahead.



*There is no guarantee that the recommendations made by AANN will be accurate. AANN does not, in and of itself, make any investment decisions. Legend Advisory's Investment Committee utilizes AANN as a tool in its investment management process. Asset allocation or diversification do not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.


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Interested in finding out more? It's easy! Contact a Legend Group Financial Professional today.
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