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Our Story

The Legend Group is a unique investment services provider offering quality investment solutions for our clients for 50 years. We provide a wide variety of products to our clients with premier personalized service and attention. Our Financial Professionals help make investing easy. The Legend Group of Companies provide investment solutions for retirement, education savings plans, insurance needs, income generation and professional portfolio management.

Our history in the investment industry provides our clients with access to valuable experience. Having a Legend Group Financial Professional means you have help from someone concerned with your specific goals and who can assist in drafting a plan that is suited to your needs.

We foster an atmosphere of innovation, which means we constantly seek to improve our clients experience with investing. We provide you with the tools you need to easily access account information.

Why work with a Financial Professional?

Any investor, of any account size, can benefit from the guidance of a Financial Professional. Forming a partnership with a trusted Financial Professional can help investors to navigate the complex financial markets. Whether you are a beginner or have experience in the industry, The Legend Group can help.

We believe crafting an investment strategy is a team effort. Our Financial Professionals have the skills, knowledge and experience to guide you in creating and implementing an effective plan designed to reflect your unique investment goals. He or she will help you determine your risk tolerance, time horizon and investment objectives, as well as help you choose the appropriate options to help you. Your Financial Professional can meet with you periodically to review your needs and discuss any changes in your financial objectives or situation to ensure you remain on track as your plan progresses.

Our Leadership

Mark Spinello

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Spinello is Chief Executive Officer of The Legend Group of Companies, including Legend Advisory Corporation, where he leads the firm’s strategic direction. Under his leadership, the firm has grown from a small regional firm to one with a nationwide presence. Mr. Spinello has played a critical role in Legend Advisory’s ground-breaking use of artificial intelligence in worldwide investment strategy, helping to oversee its research, development and implementation. He brings more than 30 years in the fund management and securities business to the firm.

Shashi Mehrotra, CFA

President and Chief Investment Officer

Shashi Mehrotra is the President of The Legend Group and Legend Advisory Corporation and also serves as Chief Investment Officer for Legend Advisory Corporation. Mr. Mehrotra is a pioneer in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to the field of investment management and is the chief architect of Legend’s Asset Allocation Neural Network (AANN). AANN is a sophisticated computer model that uses mathematical algorithms in attempt to forecast the relative strengths of different asset classes. Mr. Mehrotra spent over a decade on the research, development, testing and implementation of AANN’s state-of-the-art AI system. Mr. Mehrotra joined Legend in 1995.

Miralda Gingrich

President of The Legend Group/ADSERV

Miralda Gingrich is the of President of The Legend Group/ADSERV. The Legend Group/ADSERV is a member of The Legend Group of Companies and a recognized leader in retirement plan administration. Ms. Gingrich has been a dedicated Legend employee since 1989 and is responsible for many of the back office functions as well as the strategic planning of the firm. Her key role in operations management continues to be a critical part of the company's success and growth. Ms. Gingrich's leadership is responsible for many of the exciting new services and technologies Legend implements.

Regina Rudnick

Senior Vice President

Regina Rudnick serves as Senior Vice President for Legend Advisory Corporation. She leads a team responsible for relationship management, coordination, marketing and communication. She has extensive experience managing and developing customer relationships and is an active participant in new business development. Ms. Rudnick is a member of the senior management team responsible for product development, PR initiatives and special projects and she is charged with the duty of performing industry research to help identify emerging trends and growth opportunities within the investment community. Ms. Rudnick joined Legend in 1993.

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